fish farm is a family business and has been for three generations. Our grandfather, Alf Olsen, a fish farming pioneer in northern Norway, founded the company in 1976 together with our father Geir.

We are

Gjermund and Håvard (Geir sons), and Alf-Gøran (son in law), and we grew up on and around the farm. After taking it over in 2008, we continued to develop Kvarøy based on the core concept established by our forefathers: offering salmon of very high quality, without compromising either our environment or the welfare of our fish..

Our core concept

- offering salmon of very high quality, without compromising either our environment or the welfare of our fish.


we are proud to say that we are, and have always been, at the forefront of sustainable fish farming. We are equally proud of being able to provide a long term livelihood for our employees and a sustainable future for the inhabit-ants of this beautiful island. But most of all, we are proud that more and more people in an increasing number of countries are discovering the fine taste of Kvarøy salmon.



We know it's a cliché, but we'll say it anyway: we would be nothing without our employees. In fact it's a little strange to even call them our employees, given that they also are our neighbours and friends. This makes for a closeknit, hands-on working environment, where people know and care for each other, even outside of office hours.


There are just 70 souls on this island, and we know every single one of them. We are a close-knit community,
forged by isolation and the forces of nature. It goes without saying that we know a thing or two about the importance of co-operation, the value of doing things properly and the joy of friendship

That's why our philosophy is all about pride, not about buzzwords like synergy, innovation and investment. Because as long as we make ourselves and our fellow islanders proud, then we know we have a great product. And if we have a great product, then people all over the world will want it. And that makes us proud too.

So we avoid corporate jargon, and keep our philosophy simple and subtle. Just like the delicious taste of our salmon.