Do you want to work with the exciting developments in land-based farming? Now have a unique opportunity! We need many new employees in the future, and with this we announce an open position with us at Arctic Seafarm.

Are you:

A fish farm worker, operations operator, location manager, team leader, service engineer, industrial mechanic, service worker, personnel and HR manager, health and safety manager or something entirely else that could fit in with us?

Send us your application!

Arctic Seafarm combines well-proven technology with almost 50 years of farming experience, when we now think in new ways and build one of the world's largest land-based flow-through facilities on the Helgeland coast.

Is this something you think sounds rewarding to work on? Then it may just be you who is the right person to help build Arctic Seafarm with us.

Join us in creating the future in land-based fish farming, and remember: a happy salmon is a tasty salmon!

Workplace: Nesna/Mo i Rana

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Arctic Seafarm is located in Langsetvågen in Nesna municipality where we have a license for 15,000 tons of standing biomass for the production of salmon.

With us on the team, we have Kvarøy Fiskeoppdrett as partners. They have over 50 years of experience with farming at sea.

Together with them, we share a vision of producing food with a very low climate footprint. With their knowledge and experience, we can be confident that everything will be arranged for the best for the salmon, both at sea and on land.

The Product

Like everything else that swims, walks or flies on earth, the quality of its meat will largely depend on what it eats and the environment in which it grows up.

A happy salmon is a good salmon.

All conditions will be right in our facility for the salmon to thrive. Freedom of movement, shielding from external threats, and a carefully composed diet will give a fish with resilient meat and a favorable nutritional composition.